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Men's Delta Tactical Boots Light Duty Military Boots

Oka Trek Shoulder Pack
best of the best

very nice and good it is best of the best all te ways

Great quality

I have an military issue shirt that matches this combat shirt and the quality is very similar. I have now ordered 4 of these shirts.

Seem good

We bought them for our 2 boys and they are both wearing them all the time.

Great pants

These are very comfortable pants. The elastic in the waist line is awesome. I wish more men's jeans were this comfortable. 👌


I really really like these pants. Purchased one pair at first to make sure I would like them. Do yourself a favor and just order all the pants at once. I have already ordered more

Tactical pants.

I love my tactical pants. The fit great. Easy to move crouch kneel in. Exactly what I wanted ! Excellent work.

Lightweight Combat Boots

Love the boots
My son went crazy when he opened them. They were exactly what he wanted. Zipper on the side for easy on and off. Material was super water repellent. Perferfect for all weather. A+


Ok. I read reviews almost all the time to make sure I'm getting a fair idea of the product I'm buying. MOST of the reviews on these pants were on point. But let me tell ya, anyone that got a pair of these pants and they were in some way messed up, it was a pure accident. I bough 2 pair to take down to Florida to wear while helping people repair their homes (roofs specifically) after hurricane Ian and after a week of some brutal abuse, you can't even tell I wore them. Amazingly light (75 degrees and full sun on a roof all day) and I'm tellin' ya, they were as comfortable as it gets. Extremely durable. I'm 6' tall and weigh 175 and I bought a 32 waist and 34 length. Or....Medium sized pants. Because of the stretch in the waist I wore a belt. (Plus all the tools I had in my pockets). And the pockets are AWESOME. Very big so that I don't have to cram my fat paws inside to get what i needed. I highly recommend these pants.

Blackhawk Elite Outdoor Tactical Assault Pack

was everything i needed and more

Tactical Delta boots

Outstanding quality! Fits well & comfortably! Light weight and durable!

Love it

This is great for my dobermann! I have 2 of them hooked together ❤️

As expected !!

Came rather quickly and everything was perfect. Thank you !

Highly adjustable for your specific needs

No matter the situation, you can adjust this for any situation, any gear loadout. Comfortable to wear. Doesnt strain back since you can modify to your liking. Versatile for different situations & scenarios. Great product.

Easier than all others I've tried

Hate wearing belts. They're hard to get undone & dont keep pants up. Not so on this belt. It's easy to buckle & unbuckle & adjust. Keeps pants in place.

Useful well designed great fit

Good product. Good design. Fit great. Useful, practical. My knees appreciate these!

Lightweight, warm, dry, functional

Its lightweight but keeps you warm in cooler weather & breathable enough to wear in warm weather & keeps you dry in rain. Doesn't restrict your movement & has easy to use 'extras', & good pockets. Nice material, looks good wearing it. Versatile.

Great comfortable versatile

Wasnt sure I'd like these,but they are really comfortable to wear & very versatile. Hiking in the dense wood, in desert sands, or city streets, they've stood up to the test & haven't disappointed. Great shoe, great price.

Love these pants!

The materiel is durable and comfortable. The pants fit perfect. I thought the stretchy waist looked funny at first but actually works perfect and very comfortable. Thx!

M82 Tourism Outdoor Hiking Creek Shoe

I liked it.

G3 Pro Rapid Assault Combat Shirt With Pockets

My favorite work pants

These are hands down the best work pants I've ever had

Men's Delta Tactical Boots Light Duty Military Boots