How To Clean Tactical Military Boots?

A good pair of tactical boots keeps your feet stable and protected, whether in the urban jungle or out in the wilderness. But even expensive boots rot out and get torn up quickly when abused. You can throw away a $300 pair of tactical military boots in under a year without proper care.

Contaminants could mean dirt, grease, mud, salt, and anything else that gets on or in your boots. They degrade the leather and wear at the other materials, causing your boots to fall apart well before they should. Cleaning your boots when they are dirty is not only important for the smell, but also to sustain comfort and extend the lifespan of your boots. Let's talk about How To Clean Tactical Military Boots. ( leather tactical military boots as well as tactical or hiking boots made from a combination of synthetic and suede materials)

How To Clean Tactical Miltary Boots?

10 Tips of How To Clean Tactical Military Boots:

1. Take the laces out of your tactical military boots. These can either be washed in a washing machine or with some warm water.

2. Brush off the superficial dirt from your boots. Use a common leather brush for leather boots and a natural or synthetic crepe brush for suede boots. Make sure you use a clean brush when doing so.

3. To remove the light stains on the suede parts of your boots, you can use a nubuck gum.

4. Soak the common leather brush in water and use it in combination with the high-tech cleaning foam or shampoo to clean your tactical military boots. Do not rub to hard or you might destroy the fabric of your boots.

5. Wash down the cleaning foam or shampoo with the common leather brush and clean water.

6. Let your boots dry. Never put your tactical or hiking boots near a heat source to speed up the drying process. Because this destroys the material.

7. To further maintain the flexibility and quality of the leather parts of your boots, you can use a nourishing cream. After applying the cream, wipe off the extensive cream with some kitchen paper and let the cream dry.

8. When the cream is properly dried, you can use a brush or a cloth to make the leather shine. For nubuck or suede boots you can use a crepe brush to maintain the textures of the suede.

9. At last you can waterproof your tactical or hiking boots to protect the outer layer against water and dirt.

With a few minutes of care, you can extend the lifespan of your tactical boots from under a year to several years. and DON'T FORGET TO CLEAN YOUR TOOLS: The common leather brush can be cleaned with water; The nubuck gum and crepe brush can be cleaned with a piece of fine sandpaper.