Best Tactical Pants Buying Guide

Tactical pants are similar to the classic style of cargo pants, but they are significantly modified and designed for demanding pursuits and professions. Such as the use of lightweight, fast drying, waterproof and hard-wearing materials and the use of concealed carry pockets or hidden compartments. Try a pair of the best tactical pants in our buying guide.

Best Tactical Pants Buying Guide

Introduce the Types of Tactical Pants:


Overt tactical pants have the classic military look. They are designed to be functional and have a huge carrying capacity with oversized pockets. They often have reinforced areas for added strength and durability.


Covert tactical pants are associated with law enforcement agents who want the versatility of tactical pants while still being discreet. Most of the time, they are made from the same materials but have hidden pockets or smaller pockets that don’t attract attention.


These are designed for ambulance crews and other first responders. They are made of similar material to conventional cargo pants but have specialized pockets and compartments to carry a wide range of medical tools and gear.

Best Tactical Pants Buying Guide

Benefits of Tactical Pants:

  • Carrying capacity

Good quality cargo pants normally have extra pockets to accommodate a range of different items. Some have extra-strong pockets designed to carry knives or spare magazines. Others have hidden pockets to store smaller items like handcuff keys discreetly.

  • Durability

Cargo pants are designed for serious use and are meant to be durable and hard-wearing. They often come with extra stitching around the knee and crotch area to prevent tearing. Some are even treated with materials like Teflon to help repel water and dirt. 

  • Variety

There are a number of different colors, styles, weights, and materials to choose from to make tactical pants versatile. They can be used in most weather conditions and for a number of different tasks. 

Best Tactical Pants Buying Guide

Considerations Before Buying Best Tactical Pants:


The reason for the popularity of tactical pants is their carrying capacity. Pockets can range from eight upwards and many have smaller compartments to carry gadgets, magazines, torches, and a multitude of other stuff. Ideally, the pockets should be easily accessible and have easy to use opening and closing types. Buttons are generally out of favor, while zippers and Velcro are the more popular options.


There are a few things to consider when choosing the right material for your tactical pants. Heavier fabrics are ideal for colder temperatures, while newer, lightweight fabrics are ideal for warmer weather. Ripstop and twill are two popular fabrics due to their strength and durability. Some materials are a combination of different fabrics, which allow the pants to stretch and still maintain their shape. Treated fabrics have water-repellent abilities and are ideal for the outdoors.

  • FIT

As with any other pants, having the correct fit is important. Many tactical pants sit higher on the waist than normal pants in order to accommodate heavy equipment and duty belts without sagging. Having the correct fit means they will be comfortable to run or climb in without restricting your movements.

Best Tactical Pants Buying Guide

3 Tips to buy the Best Tactical Pants

1. When shopping for tactical pants, look for a pair that have enough pockets for your needs. Then balance that with the freedom of movement that you need. Also, pay attention to the belt loop size for your utility belt. 

2. Since these pants are meant for wear during highly physical activities, they need to have reinforcement at the stress points. Look for double-layer material on the knees and seat. They should also have reinforced stitching. 

3. Pay attention to the material used, as you want it to be the right blend for both comfort and durability. Most high-quality pants are a blend of polyester and ripstop cotton. 

Tactical pants offer you pockets for everything so that all of your gear and equipment is within reach. The tough material is durable enough to withstand any activity you’re tasked with doing. Find your best tactical pants at Tactical World Store.