How To Find The Best Tactical Vests

Tactical Vest is not anymore for the military and law enforcement professionals it is rather an object that is useful to all. It has a variety of uses. Actually, a tactical vest is a collection of pockets where you can keep all your essentials in an organized manner. During a project, you will get easy access to your tools. Besides, a tactical vest distributes weights equally so that you don’t have to take any pressure.

How To Find The Best Tactical Vests

The best tactical vest setup is useful for a soldier or policeman during a mission. They can keep necessary gears for easy access and effective performance during any tactical situation. You can keep so many things on a tactical vest including ammunition, weapons, working knife, electric tools and so on. So, it is very beneficial during an outdoor trip or working any project.

Also, a tactical vest is convenient for the fisherman, hunters, hikers and even construction professionals. But in order to get the highest benefit, you have to pick the best tactical vest for according to the type of your work.

There are several types of vest available in the market. Among those types, Multi-functional vest and plate carriers are the most popular.

Some features that might be on the best tactical vest contenders from a functionality perspective:

  • MOLLE webbing
  • High-end hardware including buckles and strap tensioners
  • Q/D (Quick detachable) hardware
  • The ability to carry multiple magazines
  • Good adjustment of the fit and load balancing
  • Quick-release buckles and clips
  • Color options
  • Multiple materials to allow for balance and comfort
  • The ability to carry hydration pack/camelback
  • The ability to carry a ballistic plate
  • Good padding
  • Adequate ventilation
  • High end elastic
  • High-end mesh
  • Heavy reinforcement of joints, seams and strap placements
  • Something that can be washed to get rid of sweat and funk

The most important 4 things you should consider:

1. Materials
Tactical Vest can be manufactured with lots of different materials. Among that nylon mesh, PVC, Rubber is the most popular and common. Let’s dig up more according to the materials type.

  • Nylon Mesh Made Tactical Vest: Nylon Mesh made Tactical Vest are the most popular because of their durability and less weight. Nylon Cordura is about the most popular material and it is used in heavy rotation with the tactical vest community. If you pick a nylon mesh made tactical vest you can wear it over your regular dresses. Besides, during cold season it keeps the body warm. Also, nylon mesh tactical vest lasts several years without any hassle.
  • PVC Tactical Vest: PVC is another important material in the construction of tactical vest. It actually used over the nylon mesh. It makes the vest strong and won’t interfere with the clothing of the users. Besides, it makes the vest strain and tear resistance. On a PVC made a tactical vest, you can keep lots of weight without rips or tears.
  • Rubber Surface Tactical Vest: there is some tactical vest that is made of rubber surfaces. Rubber actually lower the impact of the recoil the shooter. Those often positioned on the right shoulder.

2. Adjustable
Look for a vest that is completely adjustable. It is extremely important. Everyone has their own preference about the pistol holster and pockets locations. So, if you pick a tactical vest that is adjustable, it will let you gather things according to your own comfort zone.

However, if you are a left-handed then it is more crucial for you. Most of the tactical vest is made for right handed people. So, adjustability feature will make your life easier.

3. Modularity
The modularity is very important because we don’t need the same size mag pouches for our AR as we do for our HK pistol. We need to be able to adapt our gear to suit the need. With the modular builds, you don’t need to be outfitted in your ballistic plate, to have a plate carrying capacity.

How you use it is up to you and up to how you buy the accessories of the system. And with MOLLE, you can get standardized pieces to fit onto your modular base unit which makes customization cheaper and less of a headache.

What is MOLLE?
MOLLE is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. Generally, it’s a Velcro and webbing/webbing strap mashup that offers lightweight add on the flexibility that we didn’t have before. MOLLE allows you to build as you go, with standardized products that all fit onto a system that allows for an incredible amount of customization. It’s like the workshop pegboard, with the specialized hooks and add-ons being the modular buildout components and the base vest being a (MOLLE CAPABLE) blank canvas of a pegboard.

4. Cost
The cost is another vital thing you should consider. However, the price of tactical vest isn’t that much. You can find the best tactical vest with affordable price online.

Tactical Vests were first invented to offer protection for those working for law enforcement and military agencies, but they are also used by a lot of other people now. Such as the people who like shooting. Tactical Vests contain a lot of different sized pockets and pouches, allowing the used to store equipment, weapons, ammunition, and supplies. They are convenient, functional, and comfortable.

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